Referrals and Links

I work collaboratively with healthcare professionals and refer patients to nutritionists, physical therapists, doctors, and psychotherapists. From my experience working in a hospital-based setting, I have learned that concurrent therapy enhances and accelerates a patient’s healing when practitioners can work together in their specialties. Here is a list of colleagues refer out:

Integrative Nutrition

Julie Fischer @

Guided Meditation/Breathing

  • Joy Solomon (917) 642-5107
  • Jennifer Monness (914) 588-1697


Greenwich Fertlity & IVF Center

Integrative Medicine

Dr. Susan Blum


NY Orthopedics

Myofascial Release Therapy

Maria LaPutt @

Physical Therapy

  • Brad Gilden
  • Karen Gstadler-Dring Travis Signer
  • Travis Signer


Ani Dorian (203) 561-0486